Learn How to Memorize Guitar Notes - Guitar Note Game

Guitar Note Memorization Game

Use this game to memorize all the notes on the guitar's fretboard. You can even use "Expert Mode" to train by ear alone.

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Learn Guitar Notes

Learning notes for music is a very important step to becoming a good musician. As you start to memorize music notes by ear for guitar you'll find it carries over with other instruments. Notice the difference between high and low notes. Be aware of sharps and flats. Learn the chromatic scale.

Guitar Tuning

As a beginner guitar player you'll want to learn how to tune guitar by ear. Pulling out your guitar tuner every time you need to get back in tune is a waste of valuable time. Most guitar players tune their guitar by tuning everything to the low E string. So make sure your low E string is in tune. The quickest way to do this is by ear. Use this game to memorize what a low E sounds like.

Memorize Note Locations on the Fretboard

Memorizing where all the notes are on the guitar's fretboard is a huge asset. This matched with a good understanding of some scales and you'll be soloing better than you ever had before. Use this game to memorize all the different spots. Make sure you understand the chromatic scale first. Chromatic Scale Chart

Guitar Note Chart

Having trouble? Use this diagram to see all the guitar notes on the fretboard. Guitar Note Chart